12th Men

2022: Jeremy Sousa

Jeremy Jeremy Jeremy…the first that I can remember to sell his team for next season. we will have to see how that pans out. I’m thinking really good! I’m thinking it may start a trend of the future.

2021: Nick Schueler

Damn, the Loser bug finally bit the ring leader. Hey man at least you got to bail on Vegas & jello wrestle Rubin in January! (which was your punishment suggestion BTW). Anyway, you have 1 chip & 1 Loser title, seems even to me. gotta get another chip or forever be mediocre.

2020: Tyler Sousa

Tyler, this was unexpected. You are a perennial playoff contender, we have to hope this was a one off aberration. right? (Side Eye Emoji)

2019: Youdesh Murugesan (Deceased)

Was this a mistake? The kid preached how god mode he was at fantasy & he decided to trade away his first round pick & come in 12th place? Who let him in the league? (Sorry guys).

2018: Mike Horvath (Deceased)

What an absolute wet fart of a tenure in this league. in for 6 seasons, no fantasy finish higher than 4th & then he dipped because he’d rather cheat on his girlfriend & borrow money from his friends he doesn’t pay back, than play in the league, what a stooge.

2017: Marvin Howard

The first year of punishments & it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. That’s what you get for … you know!! Haha, I digress. But in all seriousness, Marv is the prettiest girl in the league.

2016: Rob Hennings

Deja Vu? No, just Hennings shitting his pants twice in a row. Tough look pal.

2015: Rob Hennings

Yeah, this checks out. Hennings choking, sounds about right.

2014: Stephen Fahnholz “The Commish”

Complete fluke of a season, I just wanted to show you that even the best can fall from grace. NEVER again. Book it.

2013: Brian Nowakoski (Deceased)

Another one bites the dust. 1 season in, 1 season in 12th place. Good bye, good try.

2012: Rob Schueler (Deceased)

Inaugural loser. Congrats on being the first worst participant in the league. Typically i am sad when someone leaves the league, but maybe this was deserved.