Predraft Power Rankings 2022

12 TBD (Steve)

The new guy is unproven & by default can’t be any better than 12th place. Prove us wrong fella.

11 Something off color (Rubin)

Idk, I just don’t like the cut of his jib. Probably the terrorist beard or the 2020 fantasy football guide he is using as his cheat sheet. Something is off with this guy.

10 Something about Hennings (Nick)

He came in 12th & elected no keeper. Hoping for a fresh start & to never see jello ever again.

9 Requisite Eagles Fan (Potts)

Hurts in the 16th is lovely value, but he’s never won a chip, so I’m not concerned, yet.

8 sex panthers (insane name) (Gravina)

He just got married, a year after getting married. So I’ll go easy on him. Change the name & you’ll move up at least 2 spots.

7 Team Pun (Eddie)

Eddie Eddie Eddie. No keeper, but drafting at 2overall does he take CMC & hope for the best? I wouldn’t. But maybe CMC will lead Ed to his first ever title! (Probably not)

6 Cam Newtown (Tyler)

What a fall from grace. From champ, to missing the playoffs 3 straight years to coming in absolute last place. At least he is keeping mike Williams. Fuck I’m jealous.

5 Hennings Pun (Hennings)

Jamaar chase in the 5th….fucking LUCKY. Eh idc he’ll figure a way to shit the bed come playoff time.

4 Forgettable Name (Jeremy)

Jevonte as his keeper? Damn that’s gotta suck keeping someone on the same team as corny ass Russell Wilson. Anyway, Broncos Country, go fuck yourself.


Will he ever cash in on all this good fortune & win a chip? I mean he literally had the WR having the BEST statistical fantasy player season of literally all time & didn’t even make the championship game…… hey man one of these days it’ll pan out.

2 Juice (Ferullo)

I unearthed the insane fact that the last TWO times I (Stephen Fahnholz Commish of the year) won the title, ferullo won the next season. & he gets to keep the consensus 1.01 in drafts this year. LOL someone knock this guy down a peg.

1 X-Factor (Stephen)

I mean did you expect anything less? I’m literally the goat. First ever 3x AGS champ. I probably won’t repeat & im fine with that. But I’m happy to gloat & talk shit while I can.