Week 1 Power Rankings

Shots fired! The draft went off with a bang this season! A few surprises, some cameos & even a few bullets. I appreciate everyone for coming & having a good time enjoying some good (I hope) food & drafting some fantasy football!

Some teams fared better than others which is always the way & no matter how I rank these teams, I’ll be completely wrong so, it’s all good fun.

12 Jeremy (-8)

  • a team with a lot of potential & unfortunately they are getting injured by the day. Toney, Robinson already hurt, Derrick Henry coming off an injury can he hold up? Probably. But someone had to be 12th & what’s more fun than dunking on Jeremy?

11 Rubin (—)

  • same spot as last week, Rubin drafted pretty okay but has a lot of questions left unanswered. Is davante adams the same with Carr? How bout Chubb with a backup QB for 11 games. Does burrow repeat his top 7 performance?? Is singletary the starter? We will see but as of now, I’m uncertain.

10 Steve Estelle (+2)

  • an absolute basic draft. He went up & made picks & they were pretty okay. & I mean that’s all you can ask for. I think he is on the road to a 7-7 fantasy season & that’s better than who he’s replacing. 

9 Nick (+3)

  • is Nick locked in this year? I hope so, I’m sure he doesn’t want to wear an itchy sweater or be sticker bitch. Rodgers, Slay, dalvin cook, Kittle, that’s a solid core & barring injury can certainly help stack some wins.

8 Eddie (-1)

  • not much has changed for Eddie he traded back 4 spots & only got a 9 for it. Didn’t grab a TE & has Kirk as his starting QB. You’d think then he’s stacked at WR& RB right? Well… not so fast. There’s a lot of pieces, but a lot of questions surrounding them. Hopefully it all works out!

7 Tyler (-1)

  • granted, Tyler was in outer space in the back half of the draft, largely, he did well! Mike will as his keeper is sick value & could be a top 12 WR. Deebo can be a league winner & mahomes is just okay. This has the makings of a playoff caliber team.

6 Ferullo (-4)

  • JT is insane value as a keeper. That helps so much, but a TON of mystery surrounding this WR core. Kirk, Moore, aiyuk could all end up as backups on their team. But a solid RB core, top tier TE & QB, ferullo will be fine.

5 Potts (+4)

  • potts head is big enough but when you have a good draft, you have a good draft. Honestly surprising. But I’m happy to report that if MT & AJ brown can perform like they used to, this team is scaaaary looking.

4 Marv (-1)

  • a true glass cannon team. One that can with proper healthy players, win an ungodly amount of games. But Lamar, Sanders, Zeke, Swift & Drake London all injured themselves in their previous seasons. Can they return to form? If so, I’ll be afraid.

3 Commish (-2)

  • I hate my team. I always do. I’m happy I got Herbert & am so perplexed at how All running backs were gone by my pick in round 2. But u gotta do what u gotta do. In all my mocks, I NEVER started with mixon & CeeDee…. We’ll see.

2 Hennings (+3)

  • hennings team ALWAYS looks strong after the draft. This year is no different. Adding a top tier player at every position is going to give him incredible balance. We’ll see if he want crack the 2nd round of the playoffs before we hype him too much.

1 Gravina (+7)

  • okay I’m all in. CMC is gonna go for 40 a game & not miss a snap this season. The guy will be a going away league winner & I’ll be surprised if gravina loses a single game while he’s on the roster. Also I love the name, sex panthers. Wow it just rolls off the tongue.

-The Shore Good Eats Team

Natalie, Steve, Stephen