Week 2 Power Rankings.

Well that was fun, wasn’t it? One week in the books & some things are already coming to the surface. Also, one of the craziest, weirdest weeks in the NFL in a while. On to week 2!

12 nick (-3)

  • Not much went right for Nick in week 1. A pretty lackluster performance from a gang of starters who on paper we’re poised to put up big days. Rodgers against the Vikings D? Should have been huge. Slay against the Raiders? Juicy matchup. & yet they weren’t up to the task. Good news is, it’s week 1 LOOONG season to go.

11 Estelle (-1)

  • More of the same with this one, rare underperforming QB with juicy matchups that just didn’t pan out. I’m encouraged with Diggs & Fournette as cornerstones of this team. Next week should be a nice bounce back if everyone performs up to task.

10 Eddie (-2) 

  • What happened to this team? Kamara, connor, DK, those are some serious names on the starting roster. Unfortunately in this weird week 1, they didn’t have their usual boom games. A tough break but it happens. Hopefully geno is for real & DK can get some more passing work.

9 Jeremy (+3)

  • Kadarius played 4 snaps? Russ is washed? Derrick Henry losing work to his backup? While all that may be true, this team is seriously scary if/when everyone performs to their potential. I wouldn’t wanna play these fellas if he makes the playoffs.

8 commish (-5)

  • I hate my team, CeeDee is a bum & his QB is made of glass. Knox, AR15, & Lamb combined for 7points. Like stfu. fantasy sucks.

7 Ty (—)

  • Status quo for this squad. A full boat of boom/bust players who on any given week can go off for 35 or 3. & this week was the latter. It happens & will make games interesting all season long.

6 Gravina (-5)

  • the gravina will never lose this season train is still on the tracks. CMC is a powerhouse & losing dak will only help. Gravina might need the fantasy money more than all of us this year so, hopefully he can keep it up 😀

5 Potts (—)

  • The Hurts > Brown connection is a thing of beauty. Got a W even with etienne & Pitts shitting the bed. You’re welcome pal.

4 Rubin (+7)

  • a glorified walk through this week for Rubin’s team up against nicks looney tunes squad. Davante is goated & the raiders fucking suck, so he will be feasting all season long.

3 Marv (+1)

  • Did Marv get lucky? It would be fun to think that. But drafting swift, Lamar & keeping Kupp wasn’t luck. It was skill. Y’all better hope he makes the chip cause if ur his opponent, ur gettin half off the rip.

2 hennings (—)

  • chase is good at football, josh Allen is good at football, kelce is good at football. Yeah that’s pretty much all you need to know here.

1 ferullo (+5)

  • Could ferullo be happier? A serious AGS win, a giants season opening win, being able to root for SAQUON WHO IS BACK, fuck yeah that’s fun. Let’s go ! Also, Kyler & JT is not fair oh & mark andrews. Lovely.