Week 3 Power Rankings

Week 3 is here! can you believe it? things are starting to take shape as we speak. Gears are turning, waiver wires are being worked, trades are being offered. We are in the heat of the best time of year & I’m happy to be the Commish of this league for all of you! Now make a trade you losers!

12 nick 0-2 (–)

  • Okay, it is almost not fair at this point. Injuries on Injuries for the former Champ. Losing Kittle & Allen week 1, Jeudy & TDP week 2 along with Dalvin Cook & Breece Hall underperforming, it is hard to put anyone behind Nick’s team right now. He just has to hope for health.

11 Commish 0-2 (-3)

  • I hate my team & if i wasnt a fair & impartial Commish so i will not put myself in last place for my own shame. As much as I would like to.

10 Jeremy 0-2 (-1)

  • It’s really no fault of Jeremy’s Who really thought the wheels would fall off for Derrick Henry? Who really thought Russ would be washed? Who really thought Javonte would still be 50/50 splitting carries with that Traitor Melvin Gordon? Weird……

9 Eddie 1-1 (+1)

  • Eddie is Movin’ on up! Moving up on a week he lost? Well yes, since the teams behind him are much shittier, thats how it works. Eddie Has a very steady team, nobody who is really going to go off for 50 weekly, but i bet at the end of the season, without any roster changes (unlikely obviously) i could see this being .500 team as of now.

8 Hennings 1-1 (-6)

  • Hennings’ team is likely better than 8th overall, but he got slaughtered by Potts & its also fun to put rubin ahead of him. look for a bounceback week for Henny this week.

7 Rubin 1-1 (—)

  • Rubin talked that trash ALL the way to an L. But its crazy, hes a shit talking psychopath. Talks when he is winning, talks when he is losing, he talks about his next opponent before he even wins/loses to his current one. Insane. In any event, his team is fine, as usual. He has solid RB’s & Solid WR’s. I would expect him to continue his trajectory to being a bubble playoff team for this season.

6 Steve 1-1 (+5)

  • He absolutely Stuffed the Commish for his first EVER fantasy football win. There has to be something to that. Also, Diggs is a fucking machine & everyone else is super steady. If Diggs can pop off like that every so often, more wins will come his way.

5 Ty 1-1 (+2)

  • Give credit where it is due. Incredible drafting & even better Waiver work in this early season. Curtis Samuel was a beauty of a pickup. Aaron Jones looks super legit even if he is still getting outtouched by AJ Dillon. Look for Ty to rip off a string of wins coming up & climb the rankings.

4 Potts (+1)

  • Pott’s year is finally here. Sometimes the stars align & your favorite team that you also have a bunch of players on are both awesome. So when the Eagles win, his players do good, he does double good. What a sick combo. AJ brown is a savage & Jalen Hurts is apparently the real deal!

3 Gravina (+3)

  • more of the same here, Gravina will not lose a game all season, don’t worry that CMC is on the injury report again, thats nothing to worry about. This WR core is Scaaaaary. Amon-Ra is ELITE, Tyreek hill (now not on the Chiefs so i can say it) is SO fucking good. Even Akers gettin’ some play. lets go green!

2 Ferullo 2-0 (-1)

  • I mean he may have moved down in the power rankings, but barring massive injuries, this guy is a shoe in for the playoffs. From the most unlikeliest sources, he is scoring big points. Kirk, Duvernay….cmon man.

1 Marv 2-0 (+2)

  • Marv, is it finally his year to win a chip? is he gonna ride out this contract year for Lamar Jackson to some fully guaranteed cash? Idk, but Kupp, Drake London & Swift is a scary core teamed up with Lamar at QB. waaaatch out.