Week 4 Power Rankings 2022

Oh man, we’re almost a quarter done with the regular season. there are a lot of story lines going on now, who gets their first win first, will potts keep his hot streak alive? only time will tell.

12 commish 0-3(-1)

  • Worst team in the league? Maybe. They say all great leaders lead from the rear… I think I messed that up. anyway, the commish has fallen on hard times & could really use a pickup game this week & whst juggernaut does he face? Jeremy? #11? Yeah, I’ll take that.

11 Jeremy 0-3(-1)

  • I’m as shocked as anyone. When we left the draft & saw Jeremy had Javonte, King Henry & Monty as his top 3 RBs with depth behind them?? We were all scurrred. Now, they look like a cake walk compared to the likes of Rubin’s RB core, or Eddie’s for that matter. Who knew? Ah anyhow he has Tua, so I’m sure he’ll be fine.

10  Nick 0-3 (+2)

  • some signs of life from this once championship team. Rodgers -> Doubs could be a real connection, Dalvin might have another “device” game & he’s finally getting a full Kittle back. Matched up with Eddie this week? Could be a hit & run type victory for one of them.

9 Steve 1-2 (-3)

  • well you got Rubin’d we’re not sure how he does good every year, or why he talks shit so incessantly, maybe he was dropped on his head as a young boy. Anyhow, your team is surprisingly solid for your record, so I’m inclined to cut some slack to the new guy. Not for long tho.

8 Hennings 2-1 (—)

  • scrub team.

7 Eddie 1-2 (+2)

  • Good Win. Prick. No no, in all seriousness, this team scares me a bit. It’s like if Dr. Frankenstein created a fantasy team. Patterson at RB1 Kirk cousins & DK metcalf anchoring the QB & WR core, so weird but the team could go nuclear at any minute in what Is already one of the weirdest fantasy seasons in recent memory.

6 Rubin 2-1 (+1)

  • OK, someone tell me how this kid is allowed to get a good team every year. Nick Chubb, beast. Adams, savage. waddle, freak of nature. This big goony GooGoo is going to get more wins this year than half the league and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

5 Gravina 2-1 (-2)

-Green took a week off, apparently, so did his whole team. QB, less than a point. WR core, sad. The whole team just decided not to show up and he let the enemy catch a victory. Let this be all lesson to all of you don’t sleep on Hennings. He can mow you down if you let him him.

4 Ty 2-1 (+1)

  • Is Ty finally back? It looked like he took a couple seasons off finishing late and last in the league and having to rub oil all over rubins disgusting body. but apparently that’s all it took. I mean let’s just take a look at what he did to his brother. They might both bang the same checks a bunch, but when there’s only one victory on the line, Tyler snatched it from Jeremy. Good job big bro.

3 Ferullo 2-1 (-1)

  • ferullo is like a real G moving in silence like lasagna, just taking his wins when and where he can get them with an incredible running back tandem of JT and Saquon. Not to mention Mark Andrews, who is a cheat code at his position. Won’t be surprised when this playoff contender is facing me in the championship again.

2 Marv 3-0 (-1)

  • I thought we were family, I thought we were brothers, but this is too much. Marvin’s team is routinely in the top of the league and what does he have to show for it? Championships? Absolutely not, big goose egg in that department. This team is solid and hasn’t lost yet but much like his championship trophy case, when you get down to it and look past the flash, it’s empty just like his depth.

1 Potts 3-0 (+3)

  • Congrats to Potts on what is likely his first ever number one in the power rankings as the only other 3-0 team he looks elite. Jalen hurts is the real deal and the AJ Brown connection is scary. Until somebody unseats him he will remain in the top spot harboring more than just accolades and attention, but all the pressure that comes with being the big dog.