Week 5 power rankings 2022

12 Jeremy 0-4 (-1)

  • tough break after tough break for Jeremy. The injuries are piling up by the week. Over half of his original starting lineup is benched, gone or injured. That’s a tough pill to swallow 4 weeks into the season. Well, it can only go up from here!

11 Nick 0-4 (-1)

A tough break for Nick who was poised to win his first game when his team actually put up a decent showing. Unfortunately Eddie played the D of the week & made it out alive. Maybe gravina will give his boy his first W of the year.

10 Estelle 1-3 (-1)

  • another W snatched from this team who was in position to take out the undefeated squad run by Potts. But after Matt Stafford shit his pants in prime time, Steve took his L & bowed to the king.

9 Commish 1-3 (+3)

  • are things looking up for X-Factor? In the WR dept. they might be. Ceedee looks good, JJ came back to life & his crop of rookie WRs look like world beaters. Olave, Pickens, Watson, all could turn into WR1s for their teams.

8 Rubin 2-2 (-2)

  • this guy talks so much shit his teeth are brown.  Making memes & writing checks with his mouth. Tyler came to collect on that this week with a 50 point shellacking. You fucked up, pal.

7 Eddie 2-2 (—)

  • more of the same for Eddie. Close matchups that result in close finishes. Losing Patterson will hurt, but he might be okay this week as he draws the 1-3 Estelle managed squad.

6 Gravina 3-1 (-1)

  • Any team starting Derek Carr deserves to move down a spot in my power rankings. How dare you. But also, this Team absolutely turbo fucked Marvs squad last week. Which we love to see. He is lower than some 2-2 teams but that’s me projecting Ferullo’s future.

5 ferullo 2-2 (-2)

  • speaking of Ellen, this team is better than it’s record. The combo of Saquon & JT scares the fuck out of me. Combine that with Mandrews &  Kyler? Where are the holes. HopefullyJT is back soon, the colts are dog shit without him.

4 Marv 3-1 (-2)

  • what goes up, must come down. Marv couldn’t stay undefeated all year long, he’s not potts. But, an off week from your stars shouldn’t get you too worried. Lamar will be back & better than ever. Probably.

3 hennings 3-1 (+5)

  • last week was fun talking shit about hennings, but I’ll give him his due, he moves up in the power rankings & maybe one week I’ll talk about his players.

2 ty 3-1 (+2)

  • ty comin back for his belt? Go from worst to first? Well, not in the power rankings. But maybe on the season he can. Putting Rubin in his place is a great feeling & im sure Ty had his fun making Rubin look like a fool. Mahomes is shitty, but the rest of the team looks menacing.

1 potts 4-0 (—)

  • here ye, here ye, the all mighty & all powerful Potts! His team has yet to suffer the agony of defeat & from the looks of it might not have to until the Eagles bye week. Excellent drafting followed by even better team management. U go girl.