Week 6 power rankings 2022

The rich get richer & the poor get poorer. As we March into mid-season, some manager have some decisions to make if they want to make the playoffs. Nobody is out, but it’s looking dim.

12 Jeremy 0-5 (—)

  • this is starting to get tough to watch. It’s like a car accident between a school bus of nuns & a dump truck full of dead babies. Just pain week after week. It wasn’t going to be easy going up against the league juggernaut but you showed some fight. Maybe one or 2 of those nuns survived the crash.

11 commish 1-4 (-2)

  • well fuck man. 8.4pts between my “stout” D, Kicker, TE & RB2. That’s rough. But there’s always next week. I’m glad everyone else is performing so well. Great job league! 

10 Estelle 1-4 (—)

  • tough look pal. It was a close close matchup but you couldn’t take down the big guns in”Instant Kamara” but there’s always next week, oops another juggernaut in Tyler’s squad this week. We’ll see how that goes.

9 nick 1-4 (+2)

  • HALLELUJAH, BAH GAWD HES BACK. *Stone Cold Music* it looked a little scary but he’s back. That’s what his team can do. Breece hall is legit, lockett & cook looked like themselves, it was a beauty of a game for the downbad “trash emoji”. Onto arch rival Henny this week.

8 Rubin 2-3 (—)

  • ya fucked up pal. Again. Getting shellacked by “5th of henny” he gave you soem of that shit talking karma right back at you. Devante adams & chubb for for 36 each & you still lose by 50? Ouch pal. That can’t feel good.

7 Gravina 3-2 (-1)

  • Thank you. I thought Nick my end up quitting the league if he went 0-5. So you absolutely blowing this weeks game while bad for you, is great for league morale. “sex panthers” were more like a hand job Cat this week, barely breaking 100pts. I’m sure he’ll be back next week catching Ws. CMC after all is god himself.

6 Eddie 3-2 (+1)

  • Edward comes into the week riding high off his Victory against Estelle which was quite closer than some had probably estimated it would be. Big games from his 2 RBs & Rhamondre looks like the only game in town with the injured QBs & now injured RB Harris. Things are looking up for “Instant Kamara”

5 Marv 3-2 (-1)

-an interesting week from Marv. Took an L from Tyler & “THE BOOK OF SAMUEL” which happens, but what shouldn’t happen is Dud weeks from his week in week out starters! London. Ertz, thielen all down weeks. Hopefuly it’s a speed bump & not a Rocky road.

4 Ferullo 3-2 (+1)

-a narrow win this week but a win nonetheless. Even minus JT, the Saquon led “Juice” squeaked out the Victory to come off his 2 game losing skid. Winning with his lowest  point total of the season, Some call it luck, I say skill. He is off to hopefully annihilate Rubin’s Rugrat squad this week.

3 hennings 4-1 (—)

  • okay we get it, josh Allen – good at football, Travis kelce – good at football. Yeah yeah yeah; wake me up when it’s playoffs time.

2 ty 4-1 (—)

  • Do we have an actual juggernaut on our hands? Since his .9pt loss in week 1, “THE BOOK OF SAMUEL” hasn’t tasted defeat. The rich seem to get richer this season as he was gifted Montgomery & Mostert is the new starter in MIA. Estelle better watch out, trains a comin.

1 potts 5-0 (—)

  • little changes at the top of the rankings this week, potts team dispatched the down-but-not-out 0-5 “…” in their matchup this week. A relatively low scoring week for “Hurts so Good” but they’re isn’t much to be hurting for at 5-0 cruising into a matchup with “Sex panthers” who have some questions marks surrounding their team.